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MIDWIL focuses on delivering distinctive innovative solutions for its clients in three core areas of activity namely: supply of materials, construction, and highways maintenance. Our strategic goals and objectives are motivated by the desire to develop an efficient and integrated business on an international scale through the active pursuit of clearly established core competencies in our principal business areas. Our core philosophy has been to build well-defined, value-added businesses focused on serving the needs of select market niches where we can compete effectively.


Supply of materials

Civil Products

- Bridge Bearing
- Bridge Expansion Joints
- Bridge Handrail
- Camel Grid

Road safety products

- Guardrail
- Bridge Parapet
- Temporary Steel Barrier
- Roads Studs
- Crash Cushion
- Reflectors
- End Terminal

Fencing products

- Camel
- Chainlink
- Ornamental
- Sand
- Security

Oil and gas products

- Air Compressor Packages
- Dryer Packages
- Nitrogen Generator Packages
- Gas Compressor Packages
- Gas and Liquid Filters

Supply of materials


- Electrical Substation
- Kerbstone
- Paving Block

Highway Maintenance

- Carryout regular inspection
- Repair minor damage
- Investigation for improvement
- Reporting and photographic records
- Accident reports and esimates