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Who We Are

Midwil is a local specialist supplier and contractor that provides a diverse range of road products and services to a selected client base.

Founded in Doha in 2003, as a result of the market demands for a new and innovative companies capable of delivering quality products and services.

MIDWIL believes that there is a market requirement for a specialist independent service provider that will listen, concentrate and focus on the needs of their clients while performing accordingly.
  • Single organization
  • Focused business
  • Different, yet integrated
  • Meritocracy
  • Creating environment that stimulates extraordinary performance


What We Do

Our strategic goals and objectives are based on the aspiration to be recognised  as a distinctive specialist highways construction and maintenance. This distinction is embodied in our entrepreneurial culture, which is balanced by safety discipline, client-centric approach and  ability to be nimble, flexible and innovative. We aim to build well-defined, value-added businesses focused on serving the needs of select market niches where we can compete effectively.


Outstanding Talent
Leverage resources
Enabled and inspired
Respect for others
Moral Strength
Embracing Diversity
Risk Consciousness
Open and Honest Dialogue
 Distinctive Performance
 Dedicated Partnership 
Client Focus
 Cast-iron integrity 
Passion, Energy,
Stamina, Tenacity
Entrepreneurial Spirit 
 Unselfish Contribution to
Clients and Society