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The MIDWIL Distinction

Client-focused approach

  • Clients are at the core of our business.
  • We strive to build business depth by strengthening existing client relationship.
  • Distinction lies in our ability to be nimble, flexible and innovative, and to give client a high level of service.

Specialized and focused strategy

  • Not all things to all people.
  • Serve select market niches as a focused provider of tailored structured solutions.
  • Strategy is to enhance our existing position in principal businesses and geographies.

Depth of leadership and entrepreneurial environment

  • Passionate people are key to ensuring distinction.
  • Integrated international business platform with an effective global structure demonstrating our depth of leadership.
  • Focus on developing and empowering people who are committed to organization.
  • ntrepreneurial environment that attracts talented people and encourages creativity and innovation.

Doing the right thing

  • Doing the right thing for clients, employees and communities is integral to our way of doing business.
  • Focus on projects that are entrepreneurial and sustainable.

Safety awareness entrenched in our culture

  • Intimate involvement of senior management underpins effective risk management which is critical to our success.
  • Culture of safety awareness is embedded into our reward programmes, values and day-to-day activities.

Our Long-Term Strategy

Since inception we have expanded through a combination of organic growth and strategic acquisitions.

  • The internationalization of MIDWIL is based on the following strategies:
  1. Following our customer base
  2. Gaining domestic competence and critical mass in our chosen geographies
  3. Facilitating cross-border transactions and flow Our strategy for the past 14 years has been to build a diversified portfolio of businesses and geographies to support client through the varying market.
  • In order to create a meaningful and balanced portfolio we need proper foundations in place which gain traction over time.

We persue this Strategy truough an emphasis on...

MIDWIL strives to be destinctive highways construction and maintanance company, driven by commitment to in core philosophys and values.

Our Diversified Business Model

  • We operate in three distinct spaces: specialist in supply of material, construction, and highways maintenance.
  • We live in a world where the market requires a high degree of transparency and the appropriate management of conflict of interests.
  • Within specialist supply of materials, we offer a wide range of road safety measures, bridge bearings, and bridge expansion joint. These services are aimed at government.
  • We have a construction activity which provides installation of all kinds of fences including a wide range of road safety barrier, crash cushions, and end terminal. We also include fixing most of road safety measures and installation of bridge expansion joints.
  • MIDWIL highways maintenance’s sole focus is the provision of maintenances to primary routes, highways, rural and urban such as repair or replace the safety fences, safety measures and road signs.We also provide patrols for regular routine inspection and Outlook.
  • In the face of challenging global market conditions, we continued to pursue our strategy of realigning the business model towards more efficient activities.
  • Our competitive position is strong with all platforms in place and our client franchise is robust.
  • We have the right people and skills to take advantage of opportunities in our identified niches, focusing on winning new projects and serving existing client in the best possible way.
  • The operating environment remains unpredictable and we continue to build on the solid foundation, driving organic growth in our chosen businesses whilst maintaining strong cost and capital discipline.